About ETH

Ether is a native cryptocurrency-based of the Ethereum network. Ether is an asset for developers who wish to develop applications on the Ethereum blockchain. Ether is also necessary for the people who wish to interact with smart contracts on the Blockchain network.

Ether has multiple roles – it can be used as a payment asset, and it can be a massive opportunity for the people who are looking for long-term investment plans.

The main aim of creating Ether is to power up the Blockchain technology, which means that all the people who use their computational power to confirm the transactions are being awarded by ETH.

Is Ethereum better than Bitcoin?

Both Bitcoin and Ethereum, have distributed ledgers, but both differ substantially in capability and purpose. Bitcoin offers a peer to peer electronic cash system which enables online Bitcoin payments. Bitcoin functions to track ownership of digital currency while Ethereum focuses on running the programming code of the decentralized application.

Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum miners work to earn ETH. It is also used by application developers to pay transaction fees and service on the Ethereum network apart from being a tradable cryptocurrency.

Ethereum is better than Bitcoin in terms of network latency. Bitcoin nodes are more clustered than Ethereum nodes, which means that full node distribution for ETH is more decentralized. However, both Bitcoin and Ethereum mining are centralized with top miners as they control more than 50% of the hash rate.