Ether Vs Ethereum

The majority of people use Ether and Ethereum as synonyms; however, they are different. Ethereum is a blockchain-based platform, and Ether is a cryptocurrency which fuels the blockchain-based platform, you can check Ethereum prediction for more details.

Vitalik Buterin invented Ethereum in 2013, which is a platform to write anonymous smart contracts that are self-executed when specific pre-determined criteria are met.

Ether can be programmed for many cases like enabling smart contracts, DApps, generating tokens during ICO, and also for P2P payments. Ether is, therefore, also called programmable money. Similar to cash, it doesn’t need any third party to process transactions.

Ethereum is a decentralized technology that works as a distributed ledger system to replace the third parties, which store data and financial records. Ethereum uses nodes to replace individual server and cloud systems owned by major internet service providers.

These nodes connect to become a global computer that provides the infrastructure to people all over the world.


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