Travis Kling favors Bitcoin as a hedge against a downturn in Economies

Travis Kling, the co-founder and Chief Investment Officer at Ikigai Asset Management, in conversation with CNN made many remarks in favor of cryptocurrencies and their ability to rise as an alternative to the global monetary system. It is interesting to note that Travis Kling was not a crypto fan from the start, and it took […]

Binance releases Fourth Phase of Lending Products

Binance is set to release its 4th phase of Lending products on September 18, 2019, at 6:00 AM, that will make fixed-term 14-day lending products accessible to the users. The twitter page of the firm was updated as follows: Following are the details of the launch: “Subscription Format: First-come-first-served basis. Subscription Period: From 2019/09/18 6:00 […]